Blog Post 11: Social Media Project

The event that I tweeted live was the Laramie River Rendezvous college  rodeo slack performance, that began at noon today May 3, 2013. The rodeo was hosted here in Laramie, WY ending the rodeo season for most of the contestants, only those who have made it to the CNFR in Casper, WY will be able to continue their rodeo career for this year. The slack started with Barrel Racing, then moved to team roping, then goat tying, and calf roping . I posted 10 tweets during the entire rodeo, describing the contestants and their events. These particular posts would be relevant to those interested in the rodeo, but maybe couldn’t make it to the slack. This would provide a way to keep up through social media outlets.

I enjoy rodeo and I was planning on attending the slack regardless, being able to watch my friends compete and tweet about it. I also enjoy how convenient and easy it is to tweet, especially if you are in possession of an iphone. I don’t personally own one, but my friend attended the event with me had one that I used. However, I felt that the rodeo didn’t have much to tweet about, at first it seemed that it would be an interesting but it proved to be kind of boring tweets. I did the best with what I had though. I would have maybe picked a better more interesting event to attend, one that had more things and quotes to tweet.

I will use Twitter quite a bit in the future, part of my job at Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom is to tweet at some of our live events. This was a very helpful assignment, now I know how to register an account and the proper way to tweet for the future.



Blog Post 12: Video Project – UW Crushes Scandal

Nikki and I decided to report on the most popular news happening on the UW campus this week; the UW Crushes Scandal, the scandal began with a non University affiliated Facebook page called UW crushes. On this site students could anonymously post compliments about  fellow peers they found attractive. Things turned for the worst when a derogatory comment about Megan Lanker-Simons was posted. Upon this post, the site was shut down and the UW Police began to investigate the source. View our video and find out what happened!

UW Crushes Scandal Video

This was particularly interesting because after conducting interviews with our ASUW (our student government) President Brett Kahler and a fellow student Dyann Dierks as well as videoing a recent protest put on by Megan Lanker-Simons (the victim), earlier today April 30, 3013, we received news that she herself had posted the comment in order to gain attention. The link the the UW News page is below

News Site

I enjoyed this project very much not only was doing the video interviews fun, but the outcome was entirely different than we expected. We couldn’t have picked a better or more interesting story! Also I am very happy with how the end product turned out, I think the interviews were informative and professional, as well as personal. I can also say that my partner Nikki did most of the editing and she did a wonderful job the end product looked great.

I think that video was way more relatable than audio, visuals really connect and its easier to understand what is going on, I am thankful that Nikki caught the protest from yesterday on film as well that added a lot to the story. I learned that this assignment went a lot smoother due to the fact that there was real news going on and it wasn’t just a feature story, it was also something that had students fired up and something they cared about.

In the future I will be using video quite often in my job as Project Manager for Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom. Part of my job is to handle most of the new media such as twitter, blogs and Facebook, I also video a lot of our events and it is nice that I now know how to edit properly.

Blog Post 10: Soundslides Group Project

Blog Post 10 was a Soundslides Group Project, Soundslides is a program that we used to create a picture slideshow. To go along with the slideshow as a group we also had to conduct interviews and upload an audio track to Soundslides to provide background information about the event we attended.

I was partnered with Nikki, we decided that we would do the majority of the editing and slideshow together but we also chose what parts we wanted to do. I wanted to do the interviewing and the audio which worked perfectly because she wanted to take the pictures. We then had to choose an interesting and engaging event to attend and do our work.

Our initial event that we wanted to do was the Roller Derby going on last week, however a lot of the groups in our class had the same idea. So instead we decided to go to an Easter egg hunt put on by the athletics department. The hunt took place Thursday March, 21, 2013.

I think Nikki and I worked very well together, at the event she went right to work and took a lot of pictures. I did the same interviewing a variety of people. While editing I chose the three best interviews which happened to be Jackie Robins the  Coordinator of the hunt, a mother, and a little girl named Emma.

I really enjoyed Jackie’s interview, she had a lot to say and I didn’t need to ask her a lot of questions, which was nice to edit. I do have to confess that the first time I interviewed her it didn’t record! oops! but I got in figured out and we redid the interview.

The mother was also really great to interview, she had a lot of enthusiasm and was really fun to talk to. Her story about her youngest being afraid of the Easter Bunny was entertaining. I did notice while editing that her interview was very quiet. I could have turned up the volume but it was pretty windy outside and I was afraid the mike would pick up more of the wind sound. But at least I had some ambient noise!

The little girl named Emma was the only kid I interviewed that talked back enough to make a worthwhile interview, but that’s alright I know that most kids are shy when it comes to talking to a stranger with a microphone. She did a great job.

Soundslides the program was kind of difficult, at first we tried to do it in class but the computers wouldn’t let us. What we ended up doing was downloading the program onto Nikki’s computer and working on it Thursday afternoon. I think everything went smoothly and I am quite proud of our slideshow. The only thing that I am concerned about is how we uploaded the zipped file onto the course website, hopefully we did that part right, I did think the instructions were kind of confusing.

The advice I would give myself for an individual project would be to get a Mac computer haha, not really, but I would pay more attention in class and ask more questions about zipping and uploading because that is where I had my technological disconnect.


Here is the link to our slideshow enjoy!

Easter Egg Hunt

Blog Post 9: Edited Interview

For this assignment I took the raw interview from Blog Post 8 and did some editing on Audacity to create a two minute interview. In this new interview my questions were taken out so that only Carolyn’s voice is heard, this was done to make her the main focus and to make it sound more professional. After editing I uploaded the interview on to soundcloud, from there I was able to put the link (embedding is still not working) into this blog for your entertainment.

My editing experience went very well I think for the most part, I am becoming more and more comfortable with the program Audacity. The program requires you to pay attention to detail which is hard for me but I am getting better all the time.  I wanted to choose bits of Carolyn’s interview that were the most interesting and went smoothly with the other parts. I think the end product was sufficient.

I am slowly starting to learn the ins and outs of Audacity, getting more comfortable has given me the opportunity to start to play around with the different tools available. For this assignment I used the zoom tool a lot, the interview had lots of little spaces and little specific things I wanted to keep and some that I wanted to cut. I was a tad hard to make everything cohesive.

I was surprised by how difficult it is to make everything work, especially when the spaces are too short and some clips I couldn’t get them exactly right and sometimes I clipped something too soon.

I wish that some of the clips didn’t cut milliseconds out but the spaces were too short for me to have a choice, that could have gone more smoothly. I also would have liked to give longer breaks between questions and answers, which is funny because in the last assignment I thought that my spaces were too long and now I realize they could have been longer.

So here is the edited version of Carolyn’s Interview, again I could only get the link to work.


Blog Post 8 : Raw Interview

For this assignment I decided to conduct an interview with an UW Ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, this individual also happens to be my cousin and roommate Carolyn Hageman. My experience interviewing her was very pleasant. I knew she would be the perfect candidate for many reasons; she is very passionate about being an Ambassador this year and is always sharing with me the fun, interesting and important things this organization does, she is also quite the chatter box and can make a excellent story out of any topic 🙂

Another important reason I wanted to talk to her about the Ambassador organization was to promote a little bit of agriculture myself. I also come from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and share her passion of encouraging students to be a part of strong Wyoming heritage. I think it is very important for students to understand and appreciate agriculture which is the purpose of Ambassadors, and I would like other individuals to listen and read this blog to find out more about this organization.

I conducted this interview using an audio recorder, the recorder itself I borrowed from my teacher and it worked out perfectly. Doing the actual interview was very laid back and easy, I made sure to pick a topic that my interviewee could really explain and talk a lot about on the spot. For me the interviewing process was a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed the device I used, it was such an easy to use recorder and uploading was a cinch. I am not as technologically advanced as some other people so to find a device that I can handle was amazing. Also, it came with a cord but the exciting part was the SD card, it was so easy to just put that into my computer and save the files from there.

Interviewing can be hard and some of my pauses were kind of long and awkward, I was really unsure how long to wait in between questions. I wanted to give myself enough time to make editing easier but some of them may be a tad long.

Overall, I don’t think I would change anything. Hopefully more practice will better my interviewing skills to perfection.

Below is the raw interview, enjoy!


P.S. I also linked the soundcloud page so that if the embedding doesn’t work you can still listen to the track

Blog Post 7: Ambient Noise

Part 1: Ambient Sounds

For this blog post we were instructed to walk around our surroundings and record the normal everyday noises, sometimes referred to as ambient noise. The instructions were to record at least twelve sounds from the three categories; outside, workplace and living quarters. We had to have at least one of each. After this we had to pick six of the best sounds and upload them to this blog using Soundcloud. The second part of this assignment is to record ourselves counting to ten out of order, we then have to use Audacity to put them in order and then upload into the blog. So here it goes! 

[soundcloud url=”

I am truly sorry but I could not for the life of me get the tracks embedded. I hope that the link will be sufficient, I am not one who is technologically inclined so when instructions fail I am out of luck haha.

Ambient noise is noise that stays in the background but is vital to the story. When recording, without background noise the interview or story won’t seem or feel real to the audience. Emotionally audiences tend to get more out of a story that has depth. Which, is really all ambient noise is really.

I recorded mostly at home, the typing and the household noises came from my house. The kitchen noises came from my roommates trying to find baking sheets for dinner, and the blinds I was closing when it got dark it made an interesting sound. The car honking I recorded on my way home from school Friday afternoon.

Part 2: Counting Out of Order

Again, I am so sorry but I couldn’t get the tracks to embed. If you look at the link it should have both my original and my rearranged counting to ten. I first fixed it on soudcloud then uploaded it, but I have been having trouble with soundcloud.

[soundcloud url=”

Hope everything sounds alright!

Blog Post 6: Photojournalism


It was time again over this past weekend for the long awaited annual High School State Wrestling Championships, every year high school wrestlers from all across Wyoming attend this event in Casper, WY in hopes to being a champion. Wyoming is broken up into three divisions; 2A, 3A and 4A. Each division has their own regional tournament, qualifying only eight finalists per each weight class to attend the state championships. During this two day tournament these determined individuals are challenged to give it their all in hopes of being this year’s Champion.

I was awarded with the opportunity to watch this year’s tournament, as it proved to be a very interesting and entertaining event. Here are some photos to provide insight.

Sports Feature 


A Buffalo wrestler shows discontentment on his face, as he walks back into the center of the mat to face his opponent. This photo took place  Saturday afternoon in Casper, WY at the Wyoming State Championship Tournament.  Buffalo is a 3A school.

Sports Action


This action photo depicts one individual in the process of pinning his opponent. The referee is down on the floor to get a better angle on the situation in order to make a good call. The wrestler in the red singlet won the match about 30 seconds later. This photo was taken in Casper, WY at the Wyoming State Wrestling Championship Tournament.

Focused Referee


This photo represents action between wrestlers in the previous photo, this position may have taken place a period before. The referee shows immense focus on the athletes to ensure safe, fair and respectful wrestling. This photo was taken in Casper, WY at the Wyoming State Wrestling Championship Tournament.

Initial Strategy


Opponents start wrestling seconds after the handshake. The referee circles the two individuals to get better angles during the action. This photo was taken in Casper, WY at the State Championship Tournament.

Lastly is a Feature Photograph that I have taken for this assignment, this photo however is not from the state tournament but is from a street corner in Cheyenne.

Non- Sports Feature

Hard Day in Advertising 


This women stands on a street corner in Cheyenne, WY Thursday morning in her advertising attire. It was a nice enough day but probably still a little chilly for her.

From this assignment I learned that I need to get a better camera, the Event Center in Casper is a huge building and from where I was sitting it was impossible to get any shots that weren’t fuzzy. After walking down to the front row and putting it on the “Sports” setting it got better, however if you can notice my pixels are still not the best. As a side note I got my camera when I was a freshman in high school so it’s about eight years old.

I was surprised at how hard it is to get an action shot. I at many times was either to slow or to fast and ended up missing good shots. I wish that I was a better photographer because there were some pretty interesting matches that went on that were pretty eventful. My photos don’t hardly capture the intensity of the State Championships.

I would have moved around more if I could have, again I would have liked to get better shots but with all of those people and no place to stand or sit these shots were difficult.